With theft over the Internet becoming more and more of a problem we have decided to empower you to fight back with our Internet security server, This server will monitor all Internet traffic, blocking external threats and also allowing you to monitor your staffs' usages of your network. The main features offered by this server are that it will separate the local network from the Internet, and in doing so, will un-allow external Internet users to access your local networks. Without this kind of protection your computers are as open as the hackers want it to be.

How serious is it not having protection
With electronic bank theft on the increase, a hacker can cripple any business small or large. If the hackers are found, it will be many months before, or even if, your money will be returned to you / your business.(due to the legal proceedings).
Microsoft, try as they may, have got bugs in their software and that is the perfect way for a hacker to exploit your system.
Nothing is safe from a determined hacker if you do not have security in place.

What makes this server different
The Internet security server is Linux based and therefore does not suffer from the everyday Microsoft bugs or Trojans. This server also locks all ports by default and will not allow any intruders into your system at all. The cost effectiveness of the Internet Security solution makes it ideal for small and corporate environment

Why Linux
Linux is modular making it impossible to predict vulnerability on a mass of computers, lets face it no-one will write a virus for a single PC, there is no glory in that.

The cost of this solution is based on the size of your network..

For The future
We are currently working on a fixed ip solution for the ADSL network in South Africa and will incorporate this into our Internet security server . This will eliminate the use of digi-net systems and save the client huge amounts of money .
This should be active by the 1st of January 2006.

System layout

Optional Filter Features

Email Scanning:
( Not !! required for CNSISP mail users
Virus and Spam scanning of incoming POP3 emails
Virus and Spam scanning of incoming and outgoing SMTP emails
Email sanitizing by removing dangerous html tags from HTML email messages
Attachment scanning by renaming dangerous attachments (.pif .vbs ..) from email messages
Adds a note to every email header indicating that the email was scanned
Email discarding and/or quarantining, depending on a predefined
spam score level or if a virus was found.

Internet traffic Scanning
Virus scanning of HTTP traffic, with no "trickle" effect, but continuous, non-blocking downloads
Blocks most Phishing and browser exploited websites
Virus scanning of FTP traffic, with "trickle effect", a download delay is noticeable
(file gets downloaded and scanned in the background, while browser
only receives a few bytes until complete file has been scanned)
Removes ads, banners, pop-ups and other obnoxious Internet junk from HTTP Traffic

All services work transparently, no re-configuration on any client is necessary !!
Highly configurable, scanning can be turned on or off for every attached network
Any type of email client (Outlook,Thunderbird,Evolution,..) on any OS (Win32,Linux,MacOS,..) can be used

Detailed information about every installed service (cpu/mem usage, uptime etc)
Service monitoring, if a service should fail, it will automatically be restarted (with email notification)
Individual Service control - start/stop every services from the monitoring webgui

Text based AntiVirus: total viruses, by date, hour, month, year, list of last 200 viruses
Graphical based AntiVirus: weekly display of detected virus types (number of occurances)
Text based AntiSpam: total ham/spam emails by month, day, year, list of 200 ham/spam emails
Text based AntiSpam: totals and averages by day/month by number of spam/ham messages, size, scanning time, mean score
Text based HAVP stats including virus name and originating ip address

Automatic AntiVirus signature updates
Automatic AntiSpam ruleset updates

User Notifications emails:
Instead of a virus infected email, the user receives a notification that a virus
infected email has been sent to him, including details like sender, subject,
email header, etc of the original message
Optionally sends a copy of these user notifications to an administrator
All Spam messages will be tagged in the subject: *** SPAM *** for further client processing

Email Reports (for the System Administrator) about:
Virus signature updates
Antispam ruleset updates
Imap BAYES Training results
Failed services and if the automatic restart has been successful